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  • Bachelor From Punjab College
  • Intermediate/A-Level From Punjab
  • Sr. Web Developer at Asterisk Solutions
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Oct 2019


Qpro is a Community of Freelancers and ICT professionals

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Sr. Web Developer at Asterisk Solutions

Jan 2018 - On-going Lahore

I am working as a senior web developer over here. So i have to change the tings according to these places

  • This is a bullet


Bachelor from Punjab College

2018 Lahore (Main Campus)

Intermediate/A-Level from Punjab

2013 Lahore (Campus)


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  • Personal Branding Internship as Member
13 Years Experience

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  • Web Developer 10 Years

Skills & interests

  • PSD to HTML 6 Years
  • Web Development 4 Years
  • Web Graphics 1 Year
  • Plugin Development < 6 Months
  • PSD to Wordpress Fresh
  • Web Analytics Fresh
  • Web Development Learning
  • Java 3 Years
  • PHP Fresh
  • Fabric.js < 1 Year
  • Wordpress 5 Years
  • MySQL 5 Years
  • Wamp Server 8 Years
  • Adobe Illustrator 2 Years
  • Adobe Photoshop 1 Year


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