Irum Zafar Post
Oct 11, 2021 12:26 PM

Personal Branding as a Professional

Did you know that personal branding can be the “make it or break it” aspect of your professional career?

Personal branding is based on your story as a professional and a human being. Integrating your brand with your lifestyle is the easiest way to create a personal brand. Having a personal brand that doesn’t match your life is difficult to maintain. Furthermore, if people notice, it will make you look dishonest and fake. It’s important for your personal brand to be honest, relatable, and genuine. It’s all about making your uniqueness shine.

At the first, the brand is nothing without a good story. 

  • Tell the story behind your personal brand through interactions with people and your audience.
  • Spread the message in the way you speak to clients and people you meet.
  • Create a visual perception in the clothes you wear, how you groom your hair, and do your makeup.
  • As well as the way you write your social posts or any other content you create for that matter.

The 2nd step towards creating your personal brand is to uniqueness:

  • Your style of work
  • The way you communicate
  • Your capabilities
  • How you help people
  • Your life story
  • Your values
  • Any other aspect of your life which makes you different

Then the third step, as your story has a purpose, it’s time to actually build the brand.

Your personal brand can build itself as you grow in your career. This is awesome for some people, but if you are just entering into a competitive industry you have to do a bit more work. Make sure all your social media profiles have the right name. Write all your social media profiles to represent you and your unique vision. 


Being a Graphic Designer I write these things for you. It's a texture of my journey as a Creative Designer and some of my research about personal branding. I hope you can understand this. I'm here for open discussion. Feel free to share your opinion here.

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