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Hamza Farooq Post
Oct 10, 2021 04:03 PM

One of the ideas I have regarding character designing in 3D

Recently I have been learning Blender 3D software to achieve my dream of making renders and stills for advertisements of video games. It is quite hard to learn and there's a lot of info to take in. Learning about sculpting, modeling, posing, lighting and various other stuff within the program is quite hard but we're not giving up just yet. I've been dedicating 3 to 4 hours daily to educate and practice myself.

So back to the idea. There's this game called Fortnite. I'm pretty sure even if you're not a gamer you've heard about it probably once or twice, or way more than that. after all it's one of if not the most popular video game in recent memory.

a little bit about the game, game is basically a 100 player PvP battle royale where the last one standing wins. pretty simple right? actually no. this game is way more than that. it is also a social platform with multiple game modes and various other activities to do within the game. and that's not it! this game has collaborated with dozens of different IPs like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, John Wick, other Video Games and tons of Icons like Musicians, Sports personalities and Streamers. this is one of if not the biggest video games to have many crossovers with other franchises.

and that's not all, Fortnite actually put Character Designs, Concepts and Redesigns made by the community IN THE GAME. Various artists like Denni, Sharktoofs, AestheticDemons and KitsuxKitsune have got skins made by them imortalized in the game forever and that's is pretty cool. They recently hosted a Concept competition known as WinterConceptRoyale where they picked two of the designs made by the community and will add them in the video game coming this winter.

So what I have in my mind is pretty simple. First I will master the Blender 3D program and make tons of renders of the skin models within the game first. get mastery on my hand on how everything works and later I will make my own character design(s) and hopefully I will get one of the concepts made by me in game someday. it'll be a lot of work but I'm am willing to put all the effort I can. Fortnite has a really supportive community both on twitter and reddit. I will promote my works there as well as make my own artstation page specially for my Blender works.

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Okay, Hamza I have read your idea basically, I am not really fond of playing games but it's a big industry by the way. I will say some of the points that I think you should do,

  • List down the USP's of your idea on the innovation of Fortnite.
  • For the implementation of your idea do SWOT analysis 
  • That will help you in taking small steps towards your goal.

Good luck buddy.

Oct 10, 2021 04:58 PM

Good Luck Hamza!!

Oct 11, 2021 12:51 AM