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Aleena N. Amjad Post
Sep 09, 2021 04:02 AM

Being Active on Qpro helps your career!

We hope you have explored Qpro now. You may have found your freelance partner using the “Near Me” feature (if not yet, try it today). We now encourage you to show your activity on Qpro. There are several types of activities you can perform at Qpro. We will go one by one through all the sections which enable you to increase your knowledge and create a network, and ultimately bring you closer to your dream career. 

You can share & contribute valuable content to earn reputation and connects. Do you know what reputation score and connects are? You can visit qpro website to know more.


  • Ask Help

Teachers always encourage students to ask questions to clarify concepts. This encouragement is extremely helpful for your growth. Qpro provides you the platform where you can ask questions and professionals of relevant industries can answer you. Maybe you are stuck in your work, posing questions can help you to remove the hurdle. This space helps you get suggestions and mentorship. Isn’t that great? You don't have to search google all the time to look for relevant solutions. Industry professionals are here to solve all your problems.

Meanwhile, if you are an industry professional, you should answer all the queries posted by others. You can provide your mentorship with little or no effort.

  • Post

Most freelancers and developers always read articles to keep themselves updated of latest trends and for in-depth knowledge of a certain topic. If you find any article which might be of great help to your peers, share it in the community for others. You can also share your knowledge in the form of a small discussion, which may be small but very insightful for others.

  • Share your story

If you have succeeded in a pathway, give your hand to those still struggling and push them too towards success. Share your stories and get known. Let your fellow freelancers and ICT professionals know what hurdles they can face and how to overcome them and which paths to take to get to the career destination.

  • Plan an Event:

You can plan an event of yours for others to join. The event must always be relevant to your industry and must be meaningful and helpful. Events of like-minded people solve many issues that you face in solo, help you grow and increase your knowledge.

Post Jobs:

  • Jobs:

If you are an employer, we encourage you to post jobs on Qpro both remote and in-house. You will find a large targeted audience relevant to freelancers and IT professionals.

  • Internships

You can also post internships for freelancers and students here.

  • Freelance opportunities

If you have any freelance opportunity, freelancers will be active there to take up your work and perform exceptionally.

Once you perform an activity i.e. pose a question, share an article or start an event, you will get a reputation score every time someone votes up your contact. Likewise you will get Q-connects if you answer any question, share stories etc. Explore Qpro by yourself because is much more to it. 

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