Mentor: Mr. Zulqarnain Ansari

Design Thinking | UX/UI/ID | Innovation Strategy | Entrepreneur | Startup Coach

Director User Experience Design at ExpertsDesk | UX Design Studio

Human-Centered Design (#HCD) is a problem solving approach by considering human perspective in every step of problem solving. It is a philosophy that empowers individuals and teams to design products, services, interactions and environments focusing on core needs of end users.

This course is going to be an accelerated, hands-on learning experience that will enable you to design products, services, interactions, and environments by empathizing, defining , prototyping and validating core needs of the users. You�ll learn methods that pro user experience designers use.

If you want to pursue Human-Centered Design career, this course is for you. 



While discussing a real time project we will cover the following topics:

  • Making Mindsets
  • Understand the Process
  • Creativity and Confidence
  • Use the Tools
  • Accept vagueness
  • Optimism

Workshop will start right on time.

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