Mentor: M. Shafique

Full Stack Developer

+10 years in Technology, Full stack developer with experience building web applications across multiple sectors

Qpro 7 Days Free Workshop for Front-end development is best for people who want to start their career in front-end web development. In this workshop, we will develop a small web interface with and without bootstrap and along with that we will learn what are the modern standards and trends of front-end development now a days.

Topic to be covered?

While developing a small real time web interface we will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Basic Intro of JavaScript
  • How HTML Works
  • HTML development with and without bootstrap
  • Practicing html to improve grip on html structure
  • Responsive websites practices
  • Using Bootstrap in real world
  • Current Industry trends and standards
  • Practices of professional Front-end developers

Impact & Benefits of this workshop?

  1. Basic understanding of front-end development.
  2. Helps you in starting your career as a front-end developer.
  3. Grip on HTML with professional tips and tricks

Workshop will start right on time.

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