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Ayesha Mohammad, Highly focused and result-driven individual, skilled in designing logo, banner, UI design, letterhead etc. Hands on grip on Photoshop and illustrator
Answered 19 August - Expertise: Photoshop, Graphic Designing, Illustrator, Web Designing
Right now Paypal is not available in Pakistan but you can use alternative payment methods like Payoneer. If you're using upwork platform for freelancing than you can directly transfer your money to your bank account.
Zulqarnain Ansari, A Pioneer in Pakistan User Experience Design, having 18 years of experience setting up creative digital design business in global freelance marketplaces, Zulqarnain Ansari is CEO and founder of Pakistan's first UX Studio, Experts Desk. His creative, analy
Answered 19 December - Expertise: Team Builder, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, HTML5, Logo Designing
With reference to a talk at Startup grind Islamabad, 5th Nov Shabahat Ali Shah, Chief Executive Officer, National IT Board @ Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Govt of Pakistan, stated that. A delegation from Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology visited the United States last month to convince the international online payment company to bring its business to the country. The company officials told the delegation that Pakistan is not included in its three-year road map, at the moment, as it does not have adequate business opportunities to attract the firm. so currently Paypal is not coming in Pakistan. Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/uiexpert/videos/10157860742067147/?t=2 ---- But there are few ways, I have experienced all of them and they are legal ways to do the transactions from Paypal tto • Payoneer (costly but fast) • Skrill (cheap but extremely slow in transaction) • PayPal:: Dubai (Bank account association) • PayPal:: Dallas (LLC creation and U.S.A to Pakistan companies creation and transactions)

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