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Ayesha Mohammad, Highly focused and result-driven individual, skilled in designing logo, banner, UI design, letterhead etc. Hands on grip on Photoshop and illustrator
Answered 19 August - Expertise: Photoshop, Graphic Designing, Illustrator, Web Designing
For many designers Photoshop is usually the first choice here. As Photoshop graphics sit on a pixel based bitmap it would seem like the only choice for designing on screen media. The web design landscape is constantly changing, but Photoshop is still a classic. Designers use it to create UI elements, web graphics, wireframes, and functional mockups. However, when designing user interfaces, Illustrator can provide many advantages that Photoshop cannot. Firstly, using Illustrator here makes the job a lot faster - there's the obvious resizing points. Illustrator is also great for creating reusable components. Using the symbols panel in Illustrator, you can create a library of icons and form elements that can be reused and manipulated many times over.
Zulqarnain Ansari, A Pioneer in Pakistan User Experience Design, having 18 years of experience setting up creative digital design business in global freelance marketplaces, Zulqarnain Ansari is CEO and founder of Pakistan's first UX Studio, Experts Desk. His creative, analy
Answered 19 December - Expertise: Team Builder, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, HTML5, Logo Designing
Photoshop is photo manipulation tool whereas Illustrator is used to illustrate vectors. As there were no proper tool available in the market for web designing so people used these tools over a decade. However we have multiple tools in this decade for proper web design, some of them are • Sketch • Adobe XD • Figma • InVision Studio • Marvel • Affinity Designer • UXPin • Adobe Comp etc

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