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Shafique Bajwa, asdasdasd
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You don’t always like the people you work with and you’re stuck in an office with them, have to follow the instructions given by upper management and obey your boss no matter what. In Freelancing, you can work from anywhere, and there probably isn’t a commute. You’re also mostly in charge of your schedule. Generally, as a freelancer, it won’t matter if you work before the sun rises, after the sun sets, or any time in between.
Zulqarnain Ansari, A Pioneer in Pakistan User Experience Design, having 18 years of experience setting up creative digital design business in global freelance marketplaces, Zulqarnain Ansari is CEO and founder of Pakistan's first UX Studio, Experts Desk. His creative, analy
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• Flexibility (both work & time) • Freedom (from assigned and fixed task) • Growth mindset adaptability (opportunity to envision and implement your own dream) • Skill development (opportunity to grow while working on real projects) • Networking with pros (From medium to large level projects, you can easily connect with professionals who have different or similar skillset, you have, and you can learn from them and can build a team for more projects) • Diversification in work (without being stuck on similar routine work. You may experience in multiple projects (it could be multiple verticals or horizontals to stay hungry, stay foolish, stay learn and stay grow) • Process oriented work learning (sometimes clients came with problems and you can learn the process while providing the solutions for them but mostly in large projects customer provide you the process and you have to penetrate the gap through your skillset to the bigger vision by participate in existing process. It is a huge learning through freelancers often bypass the employee mindset in little time) • More money (through S.M.A.R.T skills, focus, and hardworking you will always get money much more than job) • Opportunity to build agency / company (when you work on multiple projects, you will have contacts, projects, process and vision to create your own agency / company and can involve multiple hands to fulfil your own dream) • Controllability (you can control your vision, work, team, process much better than in job) • Flexible work schedule (you can choose your work time.)

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