Get Involved In A Local Meetup With Other Like-Minded iOS Developers To Learn From Their Success And Failure.

Qpro Meetup is the best place to meet with other local like-minded iOS developers, who share similar interests, hobbies, professions or goals. So whether you are just starting or already working in iOS development industry, it's a cool place to share thoughts, learn iOS development and make similar interests' friends in your surrounding.

This meetup is primarily for people interested in anything related to programming for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Speakers of this Event


Taimoor Saeeed (iOS Engineer)          
Topic: Developing Apple Watch Apps

Apple watch opens up a lot of opportunities for startups and developers to develop watchkit apps. One of the key features of WatchKit at the moment is its dependence on the host iOS app to do most of the data processing work. In this session, we will explore how we can architecting apps for apple watch

Salman Akram (iOS Engineer)       
Topic: SwiftUI

He will cover an introduction to SwiftUI and the SwiftUI essentials.

Fahad Azeem (Full Stack Engineer)       
Topic: Custom Intent with Sirikit Extension

This session will cover all the aspects of custom intents from it's creation to handle custom user interface and handling.

Hadia Jalil (iOS Developer)       
Topic: How to apply for WWDC Scholarrship 

We will be discussing the application procedure and explore Swift Playgrounds

Who can Join this Event?

Fresh and Experienced Programmer related to:

  • iOS Developers (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  • Interested in learning Objective C, swift and Cocoa Programming Language
  • Or anyone who want to know about iOS Development