Why Highly Skilled Pakistani freelancers fail in Getting Projects

There are many people in Pakistan who are highly skilled but they fail in winning a project from freelancing websites. One of the main reasons is lack of sales and communication skills. For winning a project on freelance website, marketing and sales is must and below are few of the problems which are notable in this regard.

Laziness or unavailability

Finding a related project, submitting a proposal and communicating with client, itself is time consuming which most of technical persons do not like or avoid it due to their laziness.

Lack of grip on English

Without proper grip on English, freelancers fail in conveying their message efficiently to the clients and they do not use professional language. Their language is casual, grammatically weak, and full of spelling mistakes.

Unable to understand Project

Due to lack of grip over English language, freelancers misunderstand the clientís requirements and they don't get the point what the client needs and demands.

Poor proposal writing Skills

Proposal writing itself is an art and your proposal is the first thing that the clients see, when you do not understand the project, you are most likely to submit a poor proposal or sometimes, people just try to copy paste the things.

Working Everywhere and Losing Everyone

Sometimes, in frustration freelancers start bidding on every project and they think that submitting more proposals means that there are more chances to win a project, but itís wrong. You have to be focused.

I know so many people who are technically skilled but failed in freelancing. Let me share a similar story with you. One of my friends who is a professional graphic designer but he is weak in English and client handling. So, when he tried to start bidding on different freelancing websites, he failed due to above mentioned issues.

You know how he solved those issues? He teamed up with another friend who was proficient in sales and marketing with good command on English and perfect communication skills. Alongside lots of patience, time availability and dedication.
The result is that Today both of them are making a handsome earning from freelancing by forming a team

So now if you think any of the above is your issue that fails you in freelancing, then itís time for its solution. Qpro provides you a complete solution in this regard with the help of its intelligent match maker.

where we can make a team of fresh freelancers with experienced freelancers and on other hand Skilled Freelancers with sales & marketing experts. If you are weak in Sales and Marketing, find a sales and marketing expert from our website. To know more about Qpro Match Maker, Click here!

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    hi/Salaam, actually, i am working as IT consultant/Sale IT solution. i have many problems but some are share with you people. -i am weak in project agreement, client are good but some clients give me hard time so sometime i lost because of agreement. so can you send me good client agreement for website / web portal / mobile APP. -some client want very details proposal almost 6 to 10 pages and my team will give me to the point project proposal. so can you send me good client agreement for website / web portal / mobile APP. thanks Salman

    February 04, 2020 am29 10:16 am
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    Thqnj you sir

    January 28, 2020 am31 02:31 am
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    This is awesome and interesting to read. Thanks for the info.

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