$1 Billion Industry requires the attention of Local Banks of Pakistan

Today, when there is a lot of competition and all the banks of Pakistan are revising their sales promotion strategies on daily basis, I am amazed at how they can skip a $1 billion industry which has always been right in front of them.

According to PITB - (Punjab IT Board) there are 200,000+ freelancers in Pakistan and Pakistan is one of the top four countries with the highest number of online freelancers. These 200,000+ freelancers are helping the economy of Pakistan by bringing in combined revenue of roughly $1 Billion.

"200,000+ Pakistani freelancers, earning combined revenue of roughly $1 Billion."
Chairman PITB

Whereas the growth rate in Pakistan is the second fastest growing country in freelancing after the Philippines, which clearly shows the bright future of Pakistan in freelancing industry and significant increase in revenue in coming days.

Qpro Pakistan - Freelancers and Coders Community

There are many Problems that freelancers are facing in Pakistan and funds withdrawal is one of them. So to resolve these problems and to boost Freelancing and coding in Pakistan we have developed a platform (Qpro Pakistan) for local freelancers.

Right now Pakistani freelancers withdraw funds through different methods but most common and highly used methods are by the services like Payoneer and direct bank transfer. Even in case of Payoneer, freelancers cannot skip the bank or deny its importance.

But unfortunately there is not even a single bank who has taken this $1 Billion industry seriously, which is surely a huge business for any bank in a country like Pakistan.

I think itís the best time for the local banks to get in touch with this community and by offering them some extra services, they can win a $1 billion industry along with +200K potential customers. For the betterment of the Freelancers Community, Qpro is always here to help local banks in this regard.

As an initiative we have planned our first Meet up/Conference of more than 3000 freelancer in Lahore. We are partnering with freelancing industry's top brands such as Fiverr, Upwork, Payoneer and 2checkout to make this platform more result oriented and helpful.

Along with these international brand partners we would like to invite some local banks to our platform that can help us in our cause to boost freelancing in Pakistan. Qpro Pakistan would like to present you as an Official Bank of freelancersí community.


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$1 Billion Industry requires the attention of Local Banks of Pakistan